you don’t have to worry, no matter what time of day

remote support

If you run a small company, your goal should be engaging new customers, brainstorming new ideas and turning those new ideas into profit.

If you still run your own IT Support, you probably spend more time focused on little problems than on what your company does best.

You Don’t Have to Worry, No Matter What Time of Day

You don’t have to worry anymore if an employee has an issue on their laptop over the weekend, we’ll even fix your problem in the middle of the night! 

We offer 24/7 managed Information Technology Services, and don’t worry, that includes virus scans, program patches and general performance problems. We can get you back up and running in no time. We can monitor your systems all the time, or troubleshoot whenever you call. Whatever helps your business run smoother.

So It Sounds Good, But What Information Technology Support Services Does enablingit Offer?

We can help you with routers, servers, firewalls and applications, with part or full time management and support.

Our IT Project Services Team delivers high value initiatives on-time and under budget. We have a remote help desk. If you have an immediate problem, our tech guru’s will remotely log into your computer and fix it immediately. We keep experts in our Network Monitoring System (NMS) to monitor and manage your day-to-day technology needs.

proactive monitoring

Why Use Monitoring As a Service?

Modern IT systems change all the time and not from one day to the next, but from one second to the next, as data flows across the network, emails are processed and applications are accessed.

How do you keep track of your systems’ health, when the state of your servers is constantly changing? Without an automated, real-time monitoring service, you never really know whether you are safe or not.

As a result, many companies will at some point suffer downtime or a loss of data which could potentially have been avoided, if the systems were monitored in real-time. In addition, most managers spend a lot of time worrying about these issues, which distracts them from running their businesses.

what is monitoring?

It is a unique monitoring solution that will proactively alert you to any threats or potential hardware failures. This product is designed to work hand in hand with your current IT service provider or internal IT department, providing them with real-time insight into changing events on the systems, and giving you visibility into the overall health of your servers.

what you get:

Regular management reports, detailing the overall health of your systems in plain language. Peace of mind from knowing the true health of your systems! Real-time monitoring of system health and performance. Automated alerting of critical and warning events and conditions.

monitored components include:

System event logs
Application event logs
Disk space utilisation
Hardware performance
(CPU, Memory, disk)
Predictable hardware failures

onsite support

Where can you turn when you need Onsite IT Support for your Servers, Routers, Firewalls, Switches and Workstations?

For over 25 years, enablingit has been helping our customers solve their most difficult onsite Server, Laptop, Computer and Network Repair Service challenges.

Whether it’s an emergency or a scheduled visit, enablingit’s team of Technical Engineers are always here to deliver the onsite IT support assistance your business requires.

Onsite IT Support can be delivered as a stand-alone service, or part of our Service Level Agreement Model.

health checks

Health Check for Sage and Microsoft solutions like Sage CRM, Sage 300 is a proactive service that delivers prescriptive problem identification and suggested resolution guidance for selected components of your Sage and Microsoft implementation. The Health Check is designed to uncover potential performance and application configuration risks and provide recommendations for any identified issues. Our experts engineers will review the hardware, infrastructure, diagnostic tools, and product configuration of the application.

The Health Check service will provide you with a detailed analysis of the overall system performance, including the Sage CRM application servers and the Microsoft SQL Server database configuration. In addition, the engineers will review the application configuration within your business system for identification of potential challenges with recommendations on how to adjust. You can order a Health Check any time during your implementation to help optimize performance.

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