Using A Company Interactive Dashboard to Create a Person Summary Screen in Cloud and On Premise

Title: Using A Company Interactive Dashboard to Create a Person Summary Screen in Cloud and On Premise
Published: 23 June 2012
Category: Sage CRM

A customer had the requirement to create a new version of the Person Summary screen.  They wanted to be able to add into a single screen the basic contact details for the person plus information relating to that person’s opportunities, case etc.  The customer had posed the question after reading the article “Adding a new Panel to a Summary screen e.g. Company Summary” and wondered whether it would be possible to change the Person Summary screen in a similar way.  Although this would be possible it in an On Premise installation, the same techniques are not available within either the Sage CRM Essential or Professional (Cloud) Editions.

This means that the customization would have to be either carried out using client-side Ajax or we can do it in another way.  Sage CRM has a fantastic set of web service API’s that are available in the Cloud Editions but this would require the customer to write code and who wants to write code when you really want to just get the job done?  And so this “other way” would be to use the power of the Company Interactive Dashboard.

By creating a Company Dashboard we can drill down into an individual person’s details.  In the Company Dashboard below I have included a list of contacts associated with the company.  All the other gadgets are linked to this gadget so when the person is selected the other gadgets display is updated.  In the image below we can see we are looking at the information for the contact “Kieran O’Toole”.  The dashboard can bring together all types of gadgets such as list gadgets and record summary gadgets and allow the user to carry out task such as workflow activities or send emails and schedule activities all against this one contact.

Just by clicking on the record for ‘Garreth McDaid’ we can now have all that contacts details brought together in a single screen.

And all without a single line of code.